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September 18, 2011 / dlw43

some things

I had insomnia Friday night, so I zombied out after work on Saturday. Some decent discoveries, though, came from that:


A (FaceBook) friend posted about creeping out a(nother) girl she had met via an online dating site. Among the several responses she got to her post, there was this amazing one: Join me on the off-putting bench.
Okay, is there any better way to put that? I hang out on that bench a lot too. Be nice to have some company there.


Came across this quote on a figurative painter’s website:

Art is the only way to run away without leaving home. ~Twyla Tharp


A quote from the book I’m reading, Rat Girl by Kristin Hersch:

“How was the show?” he asks after a few minutes.
“Frenetic…but this time it wasn’t all our fault. There was a smoke machine and strobe lights and a drunk.”
He smiles at the sky. “Was it poetry?”
“Was it poetry?” I laugh. “What?”
Mark thinks. “Was it beautiful and necessary?”
“Hmmmmm. Mostly, I guess.”


From Kelly Boesch’s online portfolio

Moral of the post: Zombie days and/or nights aren’t always a total loss.


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